Everything You Know Is Wrong

Is it me, or are all the studies I grew up with being proved wrong? Fat: IT’S BAD FOR YOU–GO LOW/NO FAT!!! Wait, hold the breaks, eating fat in your diet might be good? http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2014/03/31/295719579/rethinking-fat-the-case-for-adding-some-into-your-diet

While we’re at it, don’t eat Butter!! It’s so fatty! Eat Margarine…But wait some butter is good but don’t eat the ones that have GMO. Watch out for Monosato….http://foodbabe.com/2014/01/20/is-butter-secretly-ruining-your-health/

Personally, my sensitivity level for “studies” has been completely desensitized. There is a study out there for pretty much everything to the point where various studies disprove the other theory. This whole fear mongering tactic has gone on from the beginning of, what I perceive as, time. I recently saw an ad from perhaps the early 1900s stating that “LET US CURE YOUR ACID MOUTH WITH OUR TOOTHPASTE” we’ll even send you strips to see if you have acid mouth. Well shucks, the human mouth is slightly acidic.

Point being, I am done with studies and scare tactics. “It” just has to make sense to me. So somewhere in this, I am trying to find what a balanced diet looks like. I am not a doctor, nor do I have experience in this field, but at the end of the day: natural should make sense right? The whole adage: “you are what you eat” should prevail?

I hadn’t intended to go on a rant, but apparently I did. I intended to say hey! I made homemade butter recently! It was alot of fun! I bought a small thing of organic, gmo free whipping cream, threw it in the mixer and about 8 minutes later had beautiful yellow delicious butter!

So delicious on toast!
So delicious on toast!

3 thoughts on “Everything You Know Is Wrong”

  1. I have to agree with you on this one. Anyone can find a study to prove their argument. If not just buy one., hire your own study done. I thought it was cute that you made butter. Way back when I was in 4th grad or so. We brought crackers and made butter. We passed the carton of cream around and everyone got a chance to shake the carton for a while. And walla butter!!

  2. I agree with you too. Everyone pushed margarine for so many years. But once you see all the ingredients in it, I would rather have butter. Moderation is the key.

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