Technical Difficulties

Do you ever look at someone and think gosh how do they do it?  I swear there are people who are just so graceful, so organized, so level headed.  I am none of these :).  I strive to be but to be honest sometimes I’m drowning…sometimes I’m not.  I am currently having technical difficulties at work so I am taking a mental health minute to think about Change.

Since when are we drawing stick figure people!

A few years ago I took a class called Change Management.  70% of the class thought the course was a joke (I sincerely regret throwing out the book).  Here I am 4 years later reflecting on the importance of implementation of change, the effect change has, and how to embrace change.  I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit as work increased my part time from 24 to 32 hours.  You would think that would not a big deal but for the record for 3 weeks straight I have forgotten some major portion of Sweetpea’s or Baby E’s (I think we’re now going to call her Elle) lunch/clothes or some necessary element like diapers.  No big deal right?  (So embarrassed)

And writing our entire name…She coached herself too! 

I’m hoping I’m coming to the end of my drowning stage of change.  I have found that there are a few key successes to change management:

  1. Let It Go: Pick what is important to you.  I wrote somewhat before on roles.  Anything else…will just have to go until you can take more on.  It’s surprising how much you CAN do.  Usually it’s house organization for me that goes.  Sorry George.
  2. Have a Routine (and really stick to it): I’ve made prototype day several times over the last couple years.  Add in a move, a second child, a deployment…and having this day set as a fall back routine helps me, gets the kids on track and out the door by 8:30am.  It might take us two hours…but we do it.  I’m still working on an afterschool/evening routine.
  3. Take time to schedule and plan:  To me, this is really important.  It helps clear my mind of the stress of remembering.  So I use an old fashioned planner (that I really do love).  Physically writing it down just really helps me clear “it” out of my brain.  Sometimes I review it as we’re eating breakfast (between yogurt for Elle and “I can’t eat anymore but I’m hungry” from Sweetpea).  The beginning of my work week, I plan out all of my conference calls, note meetings and move them around throughout the week as things change.  Yes there are days where I get the time zones and days confused between here and there.
  4. Plan, Predict, Prioritize, Communicate: I can do anything really…but when I’m in the flux of change, it is very hard to do this.  So reverting back to…taking time to schedule and plan becomes imperative.
  5. Select your roles and serve them: I feel like I’m sitting in Marketting class…”select your market and serve it”.  This is so true.  I feel there are so many things out there to do and see.  So I have to really work hard to focus myself on my base roles (wife, mother, me, primary work, second work).  Part of the “me” element is having friends, going and doing things and not feeling drab/dull.  With this new increase in hours with my primary job, I had to make a commitment to myself not to overdo it.  I cannot go out during the week.  I cannot volunteer for the ladies group anything.  I have to really focus on my roles because I love doing and helping….STOP OVERCOMMITTING.
  6. Clear off your desk: Once I asked my boss how he did it all with so much grace and poise.  One thing he stated was it starts with a clean organized work space.   I have found that this is true.  If it is organized around me, my brain stops subconsciously noticing clutter and is able to focus.
  7. Take time for you: Because no one else can.  It costs an extra dollar (or several) but just because I’m Wife-Mom-Employee etc etc, doesn’t change the fact that I’m still a person.

    It’s gone in an instant.  Cherish it!

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