Resisting the Urge to Correct

I had no idea how AWESOME it would be to watch someone learn and discover life. I simply love being a Mom. Sweetpea is brimming full of curiositiy, however with that comes my own Mom/adult versions of what SHOULD happen.

1. Letting her put her shoes away in her basket
(I will NOT TAKE THE SHOES FROM HER AND JUST DO IT FOR HER…..This is a confidence I-Can-Do-It moment (or HOUR)….AHEM Patience building….10 minutes later…..she did it!!!!!!!!! SO WORTH IT!!!)

2. Not cleaning her face off after I’ve asked her to wipe her face and hands
You know that glob of yogurt that just didn’t make it in her mouth (and will probably land on your clean shirt), yup that one. We’ve recently discovered “I can wash my face and hands” which usually translates to wiping one’s tongue, and a cursory swipe at a random finger. WHAT MESSAGE WOULD I TELL HER IF I FIX HER WORK…….WILL WAIT 5 minutes and then get that dime sized beauty. You guessed it, yogurt on my awesome pink sweater……………….Oh well it washes out (right????????).

3. Staying calm when ALL of the toilet paper is unwound
It’s discovery right (and maybe a dollar)?

4. Celebrating her toy discovery — just because she found the puzzle with SEVENTEEN THOUSAND PIECES and they’re ALL over the floor means she’s learning (CRINGE).

5. Changing her diaper when she starts taking out the wipes, diaper and changing pad
……….We just did that 2 minutes ago! I WILL (stop being lazy and) TAKE THE PREFACE TO POTTY TRAINING.

SO EXCITING!!!!!! I nearly died!
SO EXCITING!!!!!! I nearly died!

6. Try to verbalize HOW she did a good job and WHAT I see.
I am ADDICTED to positive re-enforcement (a result of a participation award era?). There are 18 million articles out there saying parents should STOP saying “Good Job” to children. So, using my brain to describe what I see rather than “GOOD JOB” (I’m hoping) will build confidence. “I see how you climbed down from that step stool!!!!!!!!” or “I saw how you put your shoes away” or “Thank you for putting your diaper in the pail”….

7. Saying “No” when it really matters
Saying “No” to all of the above is REALLY tempting and exceptionally easy. I really want no to mean “DONT WALK OUT IN FRONT OF A CAR” or “DON’T LICK THE WALL SOCKET” (not at our house….we do have child protectors).

8. Extending little Moments
Sometimes, I have a really exciting activity I want to share with Sweetpea BUT she’s quietly discovering a paper bag. WILL REWARD CONCENTRATION! WAIT MOMMY!!!

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