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New Town

Apparently it’s been a solid minute…We’ve moved twice, I changed jobs within my company (I’m LOVING the new job!!!!), given up/put on pause the part time job, and through it all been a family — party of five!  I’ve been reflecting on the usual: organization, mental load reduction, peace of mind/wholeness.

Our backyard!


I still remain (at home) disorganized however with George’s help, we’re making solid progress in this arena.  The girls thankfully take after him and ultimately like things to be tidy.  (THANK GOODNESS).   Somehow my job takes my organization and then I ‘come home’ and it all goes out the window.   I’m still struggling really to find a solid task manager that I use consistently.  Of late, it’s been the Things 3 app for IOS (LOVE IT).  I just have to use it.  I’m starting to use my phone/Siri a bit for reminders (which I then yell fifteen times to my watch and hope one of them go through), shortcuts and general living. I struggle with actually maintaining/consistency but it really does help when I use it!

Photo Credit:
Where we moved from! (Photo Credit:

Mental Load

Somewhere between working, three kids, a holiday birthday, “volunteer” duty,  Valentine’s Day preps…George called me recently to ask if we were ready for Elle’s family birthday party.  I panicked.  I had prepped all 57 (21+24+12…wow that was 57!) Valentines for all three lady’s classes, purchased gifts for the Elle’s birthday, remembered to get food for dinner (always a good thing),sent out invitations for Elle’s friend birthday…but somewhere in there forgotten wrapping paper, tape, candles, and cards.  My immediate instinct was to tell George everything was fine and that I would take care of it.  I stepped back and thought wait, we are a team.  So yes.  I need these things.  I thanked him for sharing the tasks.  We started using to-doist to coordinate tasks, purchases, continue to use a shared calendar which I forget to update half the time.  So again working on consistency.

Hiking with Three
I cannot process how big everyone is getting.  I love the people they are and am trying to treasure these minutes as much as I can.  (Not shown…my sister and her family)


I realized about a year ago that I was not whole.  So I spoke with a counselor/life couch? and she prescribed me “MEDS”.  I thought oh my okay.  Apparently MEDS isn’t medication but all things adulting you’re supposed to do: Move, Eat, Drink (water), and Sleep.  I’ve been using my watch to gage my move/exercise numbers, water intake, and diet.  I’ve used my apple watch “rings” for steps/exercise/standing, IOS shortcuts for water intake, and Yazio for diet.  I will say since this last move four(?) months ago, I’ve done all these things … once?  I’m trying to use the app “Fabulous” to motivate me to have better habits.  All these things make me pretty happy.  I just need to actually … do them.  I’m realizing that drinking water makes me a better person as does eating, sleeping and these boring things I don’t WANT to do.  At present, I feel almost balanced but not yet.  I’ll get there one day!

Front Yard

One…Two…Three…Four…Matching Style

Or rather…4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Said with the most pride possible. Who could correct that! Excellent counting Sweetpea! I am so glad you are interested in your numbers! I say. As Sweetpea taught Kitty Bear how to count, I thought of a new game!

Use Paper Towels!
Use Paper Towels!

Using 5 paper towels, we wrote the numbers 1-5 and also some correlating circles. Then the goal was that we put the circle from our count game on the right paper towel. Sweetpea sort of got the idea but was more or less excited to hop on the towels. In the end it’s about exploration, learning, and curiosity (in my opinion). She has since asked to do “Counting” several times so I’m excited!

I am trying to remember if I did this or she did. Probably me.  It's the goal :)
I am trying to remember if I did this or she did. Probably me. It’s the goal 🙂

Working as Mama

Somewhere along the way, the idea of going to work became somewhat of a hobby. I draw energy, fulfillment, excitement from working. Add in baby, and I still like working. Happy Mommy, happy baby, happy family — right? Or if we’re going for cliche, “quality time with baby is still quality…time.” Add in two dogs, and I still like working. Add in…husband working nights…I waiver. Then my nerd-isms start kicking in. No help in the morning?! No baby — easy! 15 minutes out the door. Done. Add baby…1 hr. Add extra dog…we’re at an hour and a half. Sooooooooo I was bored and had some rare freetime.

In an effort to streamline my mornings and get to work on time without help (George on nights means 12 hour so we don’t see him for about a week), I physically drew out my morning and where I perform major morning tasks. My goal was to look for areas to gain time in the morning (mainly so I could eat breakfast).

It's okay, I know I'm a nerd
It’s okay, I know I’m a nerd

It’s been amazing! Breakfast in a mug as I walk around the house really solved so many problems!

Mama Moment: Walks

Urban Walking
Urban Walking

Walks. Easy right? Walk out of the house, lock the door, go for a walk. Done. HA! Somehow adding Sweetpea brings ridiculous game changing difficulty. Getting out of the house has been one of the most daunting things to do by myself with Sweetpea (add the dog in for fun). I thought I’d share.

Step One: Make the decision and commit to getting out of the house.

Step Two-Ten: Jackets (found) and put on, dog harness put on the dog, stroller prepped, coffee in un-spill-able container (coffee made), blanket that was supposed to be in the stroller spot is missing, find blanket, realize collapsible stroller is in the most awkward position ever, phone charged (enough), headphones in hand.

That’s all before clambering down the steps. The steps for us aren’t 4 nice steps right out of our house. It’s the flight of stairs to get to the front door that’s super challenging. Carrying Sweetpea, the stroller and hoping the dog stays at the bottom of the stairs is super fun to say the least — so slow is the name of the game.

***I make it out of the house!!!***

Front doors locked — check, house alarmed — check, the sense of accomplishment is beyond high. The accomplishment level is somewhere between Olympic gold and an Oscar. In my Super-mom minute, I casually flip the stroller into position and puff out my chest. Right about then is when I realize I’d forgotten my gloves and sunglasses. Going back into the house is simply not an option. I take a minute to connect my headset to my phone, put on my Amazon mp3 player, start my “Map my Run” and step out, dog in tow.

A block later, the phone dies…

Resolutions….Pipe Dreams?….Wishes?

When you ring in the New Year in bed — as in you fell asleep while putting the baby to sleep…you know life is super exciting. The whole, I haven’t slept through the night in forever — starts taking its toll. I’m proud that I’ve been able to nurse and I still do on demand through the night (I just can’t do the “cry it out” method), the only downside is sleep deprivation. Maybe it’s a tinge of guilt for using daycare? Maybe it’s, I like feeling needed. Regardless, it leaves me zombie-ish.

So as my ‘early morning’ haze clears (thank you coffee), onto resolutions. This year I’m going to do something new. I’m not going to set some goal of losing 10 pounds or solving world peace, just one thing per role/pot to really focus on. I’m also not going to write on the top 25 things to do in 2014 (anyone else getting sick of the endless lists of things to do or not do?).

On second thought, looking at all those words I just wrote….how about a summary. So if you’re like me and don’t feel like reading all those words, my resolutions are: the video games, less Facebook, write things down, schedule stuff, workout, and be organized.


    Pot One: Wife

Years ago, my mother mentioned how she and my father were ships passing in the night. Both of them lived together, they ate dinner with us as a family, but as a whole, the relationship was on pause while they had 6 children (myself included). We have Sweetpea, we both work, and our schedules often do not cross. In an effort to avoid a 15-20 year relationship stale-mate, my goal is to learn how to play video games so we can do something at home together where we can enjoy each others company.

    Pot Two: Mother

Be present.

    Three: Job

Some people say having a baby is slightly disruptive to your ability to think. I will say my mind must have been erased: I FORGET EVERYTHING! Resolution….actually use the fancy planner I purchased for myself…

    Four: Part time job

Plan, predict, prioritize…or schedule sh*t.

    Five: me 🙂

Run a half marathon. On second thought, this one gets two. I have a very keen ability to put things away or translation: I take stuff out and put it wherever I left it (that’s where it belongs right?) regardless of its intended home. So focus on: if I take it out…put it back.

Drowning is Not an Option


If my life were pots, I would have probably fifty. I like to keep things busy and once upon a time, 50 pots were not overwhelming. Now I’m barely coping with about five.

Pot one: Wife
Pot two: Mother
Pot three: Full time job
four: Part time job
five: me….working out and fitness

Somewhere in the mix, my brain went on the fritz and my ability to master all these little pots went down the drain. Some days my little five leave me feeling a sense of complete and utter –drowning. That’s a good analogy: drowning. I’m determined I don’t have to drown. I don’t have to (hopefully) give up personal appearance, an appreciation for my job, joyous moments with Sweetpea, and overall health. Afterall, I’m trying to be a good example for our little bundle of joy.