New Town

Apparently it’s been a solid minute…We’ve moved twice, I changed jobs within my company (I’m LOVING the new job!!!!), given up/put on pause the part time job, and through it all been a family — party of five!  I’ve been reflecting on the usual: organization, mental load reduction, peace of mind/wholeness.

Our backyard!


I still remain (at home) disorganized however with George’s help, we’re making solid progress in this arena.  The girls thankfully take after him and ultimately like things to be tidy.  (THANK GOODNESS).   Somehow my job takes my organization and then I ‘come home’ and it all goes out the window.   I’m still struggling really to find a solid task manager that I use consistently.  Of late, it’s been the Things 3 app for IOS (LOVE IT).  I just have to use it.  I’m starting to use my phone/Siri a bit for reminders (which I then yell fifteen times to my watch and hope one of them go through), shortcuts and general living. I struggle with actually maintaining/consistency but it really does help when I use it!

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Where we moved from! (Photo Credit:

Mental Load

Somewhere between working, three kids, a holiday birthday, “volunteer” duty,  Valentine’s Day preps…George called me recently to ask if we were ready for Elle’s family birthday party.  I panicked.  I had prepped all 57 (21+24+12…wow that was 57!) Valentines for all three lady’s classes, purchased gifts for the Elle’s birthday, remembered to get food for dinner (always a good thing),sent out invitations for Elle’s friend birthday…but somewhere in there forgotten wrapping paper, tape, candles, and cards.  My immediate instinct was to tell George everything was fine and that I would take care of it.  I stepped back and thought wait, we are a team.  So yes.  I need these things.  I thanked him for sharing the tasks.  We started using to-doist to coordinate tasks, purchases, continue to use a shared calendar which I forget to update half the time.  So again working on consistency.

Hiking with Three
I cannot process how big everyone is getting.  I love the people they are and am trying to treasure these minutes as much as I can.  (Not shown…my sister and her family)


I realized about a year ago that I was not whole.  So I spoke with a counselor/life couch? and she prescribed me “MEDS”.  I thought oh my okay.  Apparently MEDS isn’t medication but all things adulting you’re supposed to do: Move, Eat, Drink (water), and Sleep.  I’ve been using my watch to gage my move/exercise numbers, water intake, and diet.  I’ve used my apple watch “rings” for steps/exercise/standing, IOS shortcuts for water intake, and Yazio for diet.  I will say since this last move four(?) months ago, I’ve done all these things … once?  I’m trying to use the app “Fabulous” to motivate me to have better habits.  All these things make me pretty happy.  I just need to actually … do them.  I’m realizing that drinking water makes me a better person as does eating, sleeping and these boring things I don’t WANT to do.  At present, I feel almost balanced but not yet.  I’ll get there one day!

Front Yard

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