Step One: Creating Space

In true ‘me’ fashion, I have tried to do a business case for my daily routine ultimately to increase free time so I can focus more on Sweetpea, spend a minute with George and maybe read a book from time to time.

My Bare Bones Requirements:
1. Make George’s lunch every day
2. Morning Routine
3. 8 hours of primary work
4. 2-3 hours of commuting a day (door to door…includes daycare dropoff)
5. 16 hrs a month of part time job
6. Evening routine
7. Prepare dinners
8. Bi-weekly date nights
9. Nurse/pump

Goals (associated roles in parentheses)
1. Workout daily (me)
2. Wednesday Mommy-n-Me trips (mother)
3. Daddy and Sweetpea daddy dates (wife?)
4. Read a book monthly (or every 2 months)…(me)
5. Learn to play video games (wife)
6. Read and share the articles George sends me (wife)
7. Maintain a stimulating learning environment for Sweetpea (mother)
8. Solve world peace (ok not really but give back/volunteer)…(me?)
9. Have pride in what I do (i.e. do everything with patience and care)…(me)
10. Be organized (my personal Mount Everest) … (me)
11. Learn to knit? (me)
12. Take care of myself…drink 2L water daily

As Is>>>>To Be

Next Steps: I am convinced if you like the medium you use for task management I’ll…use it. So I’ve made myself flash cards to put in my planner (old school yes but it works for me). I’m hoping to encourage change to create space.

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