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I Not A Kid Mommy

I saw a glimpse of myself recently.  I must have mentioned the word kid or Sweetpea must of heard it that day or was reflecting on the concept of “kid”. Out of the blue, Sweetpea looked at me and stated “I not a kid Mommy.”  I thought this would be coming soon.  Apparently I had a similar epiphany around the same age (“I my known person mommy”- me 31 years ago).  I looked her with so much pride.  She clarified, “I a big girl Mommy.”

I Can Do It
I Can Do It

I stood looking at my daughter telling, asking, pleading, that I respect her for who she is as a person.  Memories of adults dismissing me as a child flashed before my eyes.  I remember wishing evil on people who didn’t treat me like a person.  Some people say I was never a child.  I never thought I was.  I was a person.  A person to be listened to or atleast considered.

I looked at my daughter, thought of her independence, thought of her confidence and all I could think of was pride. I hope I can do half of what my own mother did.  She did not break my spirit.  I hope to re-enforce and help our daughter grow as a person.

2 Year Old: I Can Do It Activities

1. Easel Time
In case you didn’t know, I’ve condensed from 1200 sq feet to 700! It’s amazing! We’ve discovered all types of ways to explore.

Portable "Easel"
Portable “Easel”

With a pink picture frame from Michaels (or something like this ) and a “chalkboard sticker” (which I also purchased from Michaels but cannot find online) I slapped the two together, and mounted with an adhesive hook.

Sweetpea loves it!

2. Cleaning
Somewhere along the way, our lovely lady has found a passion for cleaning. In an effort to make her feel empowered to clean whenever she’s interested…we made a 2 year old sized cleaning bucket.

Water bottle, bucket and towel
Water bottle, bucket and towel

All of which are from Amazon:
Red Spray Bottle
Cleaning Cloth, Reusable & Biodegradable

3. Sequencing
Small…Medium…Large. I’m still clarifying this one. Using these wall stickers recommended by http://www.mamainstincts.com we decorated Sweetpea’s play area and bedroom (we’re sharing a room). I realized half way through that I could incorporate counting and sequencing into this idea. So I tried using the leaves for numbers (I need to take one off the smallest one) and then spaced them out so she could look at them to determine which is the smallest etc.

What is the largest? Smallest?
What is the largest? Smallest?

4. I Can Do It
I am a major proponent of independence and helping when asked. In an effort to support this we’ve been doing things like opening/closing her child sized umbrella or opening the wrapper for individually wrapped string cheese. It’s amazing to see what she CAN do!

5. Counting

Teaching Kitty Bear to Count
Teaching Kitty Bear to Count

6. Pouring, Cooking, Sensory Fun

Our Work Station
Our Work Station

Quite honestly, this activity was composed of candle holder glasses, IKEA utensils ($5?), an old pitcher, an old pot we don’t use anymore, a plastic container we had on hand and a bag of lentils. And the table and chairs are from IKEA for $20 (great purchase)