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For once, I am at a loss for words. I’m inching towards 40 and my mind is racing. How did that happen! Wasn’t I just….nope that was TWENTY years ago. One day thirty nine will still be young but for this moment…coming to terms with this new season is somewhat startling. So I wanted to reflect.

From Maternity Leave: Went for a Walk with Lotte

We welcomed baby Lotte to the family this last year and started the new chapter of no more babies. We’re still driving home from school singing of mangos, the color red and things that are down by the bay. This moment is just the best.

Sweetpea probably warrants a new blog name. She is growing in her confidence and abilities. She’s responsible, independent, smart but I worry has too much responsibility. Watching her grow is a beautiful thing.

From our Special Mom and Me Minute (How is She So BIG!)

Elle is determined to be ready for Kindergarten. She’s nervous about going but is so going to crush it. She still is as determined as ever. She sets herself a goal and it happens.

Achiever, Entreprenuer, Maker of Things, Inventor, Empathatic, Amazing.

Gretchen is a powerhouse. No longer the baby of the family, she DESPRETELY wants to go to kindergarten with Elle. “Look Mom I know my alphabet.” (Draws an “M”).

Yup She’s Wearing Her Shirt Backwards.

Lotte is this sweet sweet easy going baby. She smiles, tries to crawl, and is generally just happy.

Making Memories. The Best.

I don’t think I could wish for a better birthday.