Step 4: Getting Things Done

Of late, I’ve really struggled with getting things done. I’ve tried several different online/cloud based/computer-y options only to find that I don’t always have the tech availability to update real-time and that’s just a drag. So I made the decision to go back to paper.

Ever since my first job out of college, I’ve had a thing for binders, page protectors, and pretty tabs. There is something organizationally calming about them and so I decided to go back to kindergarten and buy them all over again.

So this is the second week of my binder. I’ve decided it doesn’t have to be fixed or finished in one day and that I CAN enjoy the process of getting my mind, self, and life organized so my home isn’t a royal wreck as my mother used to say. So far……..I’d give myself a C. I’m notoriously disorganized (hence my effort to be so) and anyhow this is my next step.

In addition to my binder, I’ve started writing down all of my tasks in my handy work book and carrying it with me at all time. So we’ll see.

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