Step 2: Highly Effective Habits of a………..yeah I try

Recently at work, I told a coworker that I order my groceries (THANK YOU PEAPOD), occasionally have a dog walker (relative to my husband’s schedule), and sometimes a lady cleans our home. He was incredulous. His unfiltered response was “well what do you DO then?” (Clearly, the wife needs to be cleaning…right?). At first, I couldn’t believe he said this and felt my mind launching into a tirade of … I get to snuggle with our Sweetpea 3-6 times a night (feeding times), I wake up at 5:45, have a minimum round trip 2 hour commute, and am on a constant go until 10pm. Rather than bite his head off, I stepped back and started thinking well, what DO I do with my time? Sweetpea is getting older and more able, so my time is opening up it would seem.

A couple years ago, I had a boss who spoke of Roles, Goals, SMART objectives, circles of concern vs circles of influence. So…true to form, I made a spreadsheet. Call me a nut, but schedules, planning, run my life.

Recently, I pulled up my “spreadsheet” and took a look at my week. I do in fact have more time in the evening since I am using the slow cooker, streamlined my mornings (and evenings).

So I need to get going!

Keeps Me Sane
Keeps Me Sane

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