Urban Baby

As I start to forget the beginning days of new baby…I wanted to write down what new baby meant to us in 1200 square feet (with two large dogs…35# and 75#) in downtown city town. I was one of those weird ladies that didn’t have the nesting thing…I kept thinking okay, we’ll have the baby and if I’m missing something…George will go to that new fangled thing called a store that’s three miles away…and buy what we need. Okay, sarcasm aside, what did we use (or not get or throw out).

I feel the first rule of Urban Baby is…when I say limited space…it’s SUPER limited space. We already have things like a sofa, coffee table and other things that are in the rooms and honestly, I didn’t want our living room to be a vomit of pink.


Things I would buy again

1. A SAFE Car Seat
Chicco NextFit

– I feel safety is paramount. At the time I did research via consumer reports and purchased the most safe car seat that was reported. Which was the Chicco Keyfit 930. Right now we have the Chicco NextFit. It is a reversible carseat that goes from a rear facing 5 lbs to 65 lbs facing forward. It’s comfortable for baby but doesn’t have the transition factor that the Keyfit had. However, she sleeps better in the NextFit…So there’s a trade off. And it’s pricey.

2. Stroller
Bob Stroller

– Or a CityMini?
– I remember walking with a stroller that the wheel would stick in the wrong direction when you wanted to move forward thereby halting you from moving. The BOB is like a stroller on steroids. Sweetpea and I ran our first 5K with the BOB when she was 5-6 months old (ok ran is a lie we finished a 5K at 5-6 months). We purchased our BOB from a friend who had already used it with her two girls. I would buy this stroller every day of the week. It does take up precious room in our home (where we do not have a garage or a parking spot). My only complaint: it’s heavy when you have to carry it down steep steps but completely worth it.
– That being said, I have a $10-$20 umbrella stroller to use in the morning when I take our now toddler to the car on our way to work/daycare…You guessed it, the stroller sticks and has its issues but it performs a function.

3. Travel/Sleeping System
Baby Trend w/Close and Cozy

– To me, this was perfect. Having the three levels was awesome. We still use it as her bed.

4. Sheepskin
– My mom had this for some of the babies. I like it because a) I felt that if baby was face down it would provide circulation and prevent smothering; b) it provided more support since the ‘mattress’ for the babytrend was minimal; c) when we travelled to visit family we could bring the sheepskin with us and baby felt right at home in whatever sleep arrangement we had on the road.

5. Baby carrier
Ergo (With Infant Insert)

– The baby bjorn KILLED my back as she got heavier. I like the Ergo but I hear the Tulla is amazing as well. It was absolutely amazing when we purchased a baby carrier. It freed up my arms and allowed me to do things like cook or chop veggies. I still use this for our toddler.
– I understand some areas have baby wearing meetups or whatnot where you can try on the baby carriers. Not all people are built the same so some carriers are just suited better to different people.
– I hear this baby carrier is pretty amazing (you can customize it!): https://www.facebook.com/pages/Madame-Googoo-baby-carriers/145687608816099

6. Baby Bounce Thingy
Baby Bouncer

– I kept wondering how I would shower…this was awesome. It helped with her indigestion and occupied her when I took a shower (I could also see her as I showered). Kept her entertained and happy.

7. Baby bathtub
Baby tub

– Some people use the sink. I’m pretty short so I was worried I would slip with the baby in the sink. So I set up the baby bath in our shower and felt happier that way. Peace of mind…It’s relative. The baby insert thing/swing looking/mesh thing was amazing for new newborn baby.

8. Baby swaddling stuff
Swaddle Stuff

– These were more expensive than the ones we initially got at Baby ‘R Us (which in hind sight I would avoid…their customer service is beyond awful and their stuff is overpriced), but, they were usable for a longer period of time. We swaddled for a while and she seemed to really like it. These larger ones worked longer as she gained strength, length and weight.

9. Portable Changing stations
Portable Changing Table

– We have two changing stations in our home. In the living room and the bedroom. We really like this pad. You can just change the baby anywhere, anytime, and it’s easily stored in a drawer.
–We liked having these durable wipe containers: http://www.amazon.com/OXO-Perfect-Wipes-Dispenser-Green/dp/B0067GKHVS/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1405878912&sr=1-1&keywords=diaper+wipe+container

10. Diaper bag with pockets and a fold out changing thing
– I think this blog sums up the diaper bag dilemma: http://mamainstincts.com/the-perfect-diaper-bag/
– George didn’t want a super pink pink pink diaper bag. My sister purchased us a Kate Spade diaper bag that was gender neutral and we both love. (Ebay is amazingly helpful). I kind liked having a designer diaper bag…It makes me feel less frumpy….?).

11. Bumbo

– As she started sitting, this was a fun and awesome thing to have. Definitely not required.

12. Books! (Who would have thought!)
Goodnight Moon

– A friend gave us “Goodnight Moon”…reading books to baby is never too early (in my opinion).

13. Boppy

– I used this but I’m not sure if this is a required item so to speak. A rolled up towel does the trick as well. As for nursing…I never got the hang of the boppy and baby. A pillow is fine too. But we did use this occasionally. Some people find the boppy invaluable.

14. A bell or rattle
Baby Bell

– I attached a bell to her bouncer or her bed and as she grew she would shake the bouncer to listen to the bell…then it became a teething tool. (I try to find non-toxic safe stuff…I didn’t have this exact bell but a bell or rattle would be great…just make sure (in my opinion) that it’s non-toxic.

15. Mommy Hook
Mommy Hook

– Just helpful to have. I thought it looked dumb at first but it turned out to be very helpful to connect the diaper bag or bags or anything to. Just be careful…if you connect something really heavy to a stroller…the stroller will tip over. I promise.

16. Clips
Baby Clips

– These are simply amazing. I had no idea how useful these would be. A friend gave these to us. Connecting toys to the car seat while driving…the toy doesn’t go far when she throws it away/drops it. This was a great and AWESOME thing to have.

17. Snot Sucker
Nose Freida

– SOOOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly gross. But extremely helpful. The ones from the hospital seemed completely useless to me. You can also purchase a soft tipped battery operated one.

Baby Mirror

– I liked the rectangular shape because when she was really little I could angle it and turn it as needed to see her.

19. Diapers! Wipes! Rash cream!
– Hey! These things add up and get pricey so yes I will take extra necessities!
– If I could re-do diapers…I would probably use http://www.honest.com for diapers.

20. Towels/facecloth
– But really you could just use a regular towel. It’s just cute.

21. All in one swaddle outfit
Swaddler In One

– I remember this being really helpful.

22. Running bras
– Eventually I got back in shape…when I did I found that there are running bras that are good for nursing mommy. I love that running bra!
– Sorry I never wore nursing bras or shirts. Some people do, I just didn’t. (They just don’t look pretty to me?)

23. Double electric pump
– Madela is the recognized brand. I received the Avent double electric pump as a gift from my mother in law. This was amazingly awesome. It died just short of a year and Avent replaced the pump at no charge.
– I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you always keep a manual pump in your desk or with you in the car for when you forget the plug or something related to the pump. It HURTS when you’re at work….there’s a reason I wore sweaters! It wasn’t for aesthetics. (I never used those pumping/nursing pads. I just pumped twice a day and tried to be consistent)

24. Baby Rocker
We really wanted a nice rocking chair. My mother in law purchased this for us and I love/loved it. In a smaller space, this is not required but really nice.

Things I didn’t feel I didn’t need
1. Seventeen hundred stuffed animals (one or two is just fine)
2. Wipe warmer
3. Changing table (my bed works just great…small condo…)
4. Crib and associated accessories
5. Baby dresser
6. Baby room (she slept in our room)
7. Baby Einstein stuff
8. Moby Wrap
– For me, I already felt disheveled– add in 25 feet of fabric and I felt a) like a frazzled mom b) awful and c) more awfulness.
– My husband liked it.
9. Baby laundry detergent (sorry baby let’s see if you have allergies first)
10. Receiving blanket (what is that????)
11. A baby food maker.
– I’m sorry but I just never had time for this. I like Ella’s kitchen baby food. It’s organic, delicious (yes I tried it), and not full of preservatives.
12. I’ll keep thinking
13. A nursing cover (this is a very personal decision…you may want one)
14. I didn’t know that the baby would have an opinion on the type of nipple/bottle system I purchased. I literally purchased one of every type of nipple to determine which one she would take when she went to day care. We eventually settled on Nuk as the bottle/nipple. I would also buy larger bottles from the beginning. At some point, baby will need 8+ oz each nursing period.

Things I wish I’d purchased (indulgent type)
1. More baby dresses and cute-sy things. I think I kept focusing on how I needed things for baby 2…the truth is…baby 2 might not happen in the same season, be larger and if you can afford it…I guess I found I liked dresses and cute stuff.
2. Actual maternity clothes? I hated HATED the mommy maternity stores. I didn’t want to pay to look like awful. Next time (if/when that happens), I am going to buy actual, nice maternity clothes. I will look at H and M or something that is not http://www.motherhood.com. I think I cried the first time I walked in that store.

And yes, I think I have a thing for Amazon.com. Their customer service is just great and that was just helpful.

The bottom line really is, there are a billion things out there you could get/have/buy. Do what is right for you and your family. If you have anything to add/remove from this list please share!

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