Stroller Envy (UPPAbaby G-Luxe review)

It is decided….strollers are the enemy. They’re somewhere around the same street as amazing designer shoes. You know the type where you immediately feel insignificant and ordinary…I officially hate strollers. We purchased our second hand BOB with glee about 2 (!!) years ago from a friend. It is a beast. I love it. It has helped me through snow, ice, you name it. BOB is there. A few weeks ago, I got bitten by the stroller bug. I couldn’t fold the BOB fast enough to ride in the local bus so obviously the next answer was the UPPAbaby G-Luxe. I wanted a stroller that would recline, be easy to carry, washable, and overall lighter than the BOB. George was extremely supportive considering our now daily 1.5 hr one way commute (on foot).

UPPABaby G-Luxe
UPPABaby G-Luxe

I like it
It’s pretty
It’s relatively light
It is functional for quick trips and is easy to get in and out of the trunk
Sweetpea will fall asleep in it
It has a “lay down” option
You can wash the pads
The carrying strap is very convenient
I will take this on our upcoming overseas airplane trip
As long as you are paying attention you can generally go up/down stairs
If you are short and your spouse is tall, the handles are well suited for both heights (he doesn’t have to bend over to push the stroller)

-It is not anywhere close to as maneuverable or responsive as the BOB
-The stroller “parking brake” only locks one tire
-The stroller “parking brake” does not always latch adequately (thou shalt double check the lock)
-The “quick function” to collapse has been clumsy and sometimes difficult to manage
-If you are short (5’2″ ish) when you put the collapsed down stroller on your shoulder, the tires will most likely hit you in the back of your knees
-You have to actually be careful over the curb
-You really have to make sure the straps are tight for wiggling little people
-In a city-town metro/subway system it does not provide support against people. The BOB’s metal frame serves as a great buffer to baby (people don’t care)
-It’s pricey

At the end of the day, I hate to admit this but I might not have needed this stroller. I like it, but it’s not completely a must must must have.

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