I Leave You Mommy

WHAT?! I know I had siblings who ran away at 1.5-2yrs old but I’m not ready for “I leave you” said clear as day. Of course the timing of said announcement was perhaps the worst possible moment.  There could be worse situations but as I ran after her with the two leashed dogs, I was thankful for the heads up.  Mommy I leave you.

As my heart started to calm to a less break-neck-pace, I looked at my daughter and thought about soap.  People say that these years are reflected in teen behavior…so I will have a smart mouthed, independent, confident, capable lady.  I look at her fearless resolve, her love of adventure, her open attitude for change and I think the problem might be me.  That’s what my mom always said of me as a child.  The more she tried to control me, the more I either rebelled, yelled or generally didn’t listen.  I just have to hold the bar of soap and not squeeze it.  Sometimes … I get caught up in my agenda rather than seeing the big picture.  In this particular case, that close by (and busy) street was my big picture.

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